1. i am looking for ideas for a poster showing biotech in agriculture and its socio-economic effects..your input will be much appreciated

  2. Simce humanity can not meaningfully better itself until there is peace on earth and since poverty is the worst form of violence and since the worst form of viloence must be cured before any true progress can me made toward acheiving peace on earth, whe the heck hanvn\'t you focused your philosophical mind on a philosophy that wolud inspire some folks to truely seek an end of poverty everywhere evermore for everyone?

  3. This comment is my response to your reply to myfirst comment about a philosophy that could guide humanity toward a true end to global poverty.

    I\'m 70 years old; and i first encountered-that is personally saw- poverty at 6 years old.
    Despite my personal effort to help every person i personally met in poverty to better themself, those in it were crying hard then; but they are crying harder today.

    I only claim to be but an ordinary uneducated man, not a philosopher; but i can see that Nature\'s resource system provides humanity sufficient resources for everyone to live safe and stable lives when thos resources are justly and decently distributed.
    Yet, we have some earning about 1 million dollars per day while about 1/2 of the world\'s population earns about $2.50 per day.

    Why can\'t Philosophers like your self give rese to an economic philosophy that justly balances the distribution of Nature\'s wealth.

    The world\'s wealthy became wealthy by overcharging for the product or service they provide humanity.

    There is no way a billionaire could become so rich without millions becoming so poor as to live in poverty.

    For wxample: Dr. get rich, but every thing they rely on to get rich was produced by some one who didn\'t get rich and may wind up in poverty if they need the Dr\'s service.

    A true philosophy that provides an economic distribution system that refuses to allow poverty is needed.

    Why don\'t philosophers seek to give the world such a philosophy?

  4. Thanks for your heartfelt and relevant question as well as your response to my initial comment. The questions and issues you raise in relation to poverty and peace deserve a considered response especially since I see myself as having been working for peace and an end to poverty for at least the last five decades: 1961 to 2011.

    Some people work to help the world through any one of a myriad volunteer organizations, some join and/or support political parties, some work through a religion or simply a set of values and beliefs in relation to their job, family life and interests. There are probably just about as many vehicles for people to express their concerns for the world\'s troubles as there are people.

    I have been a Baha\'i since 1959 and this system of beliefs, values and attitudes has provided me with my modus operandi, modus vivendi from my adolescence through the several stages of my adult life in the lifespan to channel my concerns for the types of issues you raise. I encourage you to go to the official international Baha\'i site at to learn more about this world Faith and how it goes about working for a better world.

    This is the short answer; a longer answer can be found in a multitude of perspectives at many of the sub-sections of my site. This longer answer is necessary for these questions you have riased, questions which have bedeviled society for decades, if not centuries and millennia. I am neither a professional philosopher, nor a professional economist and I, as a humble individual, can no more work out the immensely complex problems facing society, than can any other individual working alone.

    That is why individuals join parties, religions and non-government organizations; that is why they identify themselves with labels of all sorts in order to work with others of like minds---and that is why I am a Baha\'i.

    We each have to work out our individual response this side of the grave. This response is crucial for it the measure of our way of helping the world. Many people on the planet now have given up trying to find some way, some organization, some method, some approach to the world\'s complex troubles. They give to charities to the extent they see appropriate to their financial situation. And many others just stick their heads in the sand.

    I wish you well in finding what is for you the appropriate response to the world\'s increasing tempest and trials. I thank you, as I indicated above, for your two thoughtful and concerned posts after reading/coming to my website. I trust my responses have been useful ones even if, at this stage of our dialogue, you might have difficulty understanding and appreciating my position on the questions you raise.

  5. There are occasions, as in the above posts, when a somewhat lengthy response is required. For the most part, though, I try to keep the dialogue, the backs-and-forths, brief as is the convention at most internet sites.

    But this is not always possible for many reasons. Most of the dialogue I have, after five months of the online-status of this 4th edition of my website takes place at the several 1000 internet sites at which I have registered. People who come to my site and want to comment still prefer to comment at the internet sites where they have first come across my writing, and not here in this comment section.

    I have been interacting with others during the first 14 years of the presence of my website on the internet: 1997 to 2011. My old website had a monitoring device and readers can go to my old website by clicking in the top right hand corner of the access page of this new site.

    I am pleased that after 5 months the posting process in this comment section has finally been ironed-out. In the end, though, most people who come to my website and who read my writing do not comment. The fact that they have clicked on to my writing is often recorded at internet sites but not at this website.

    Website traffic to this 4th edition of my site is not recorded/monitored--just those who leave comments. Although my writing is, in some ways, a type of business, a literary business, I do not engage in what you might call customer service, nor do I offer instant help to everyone who drops in to my site.

    My general advice to those seeking expert advise is to ask the expert. I am a generalist and my knowledge base, though wide, is not one with which I can claim any expertise or professionalism.

    While I am interested in improving my online marketing performance, as the process of getting more people to one\'s site is often called, I do this organically through my own internet activity, and not through the aid of website design and marketing professionals.

  6. Apologies for not getting back to you sooner in relation to ideas for your poster but, as I said above, this system of posting by others and my response in this comment section has just been worked out by my web-design team headed by a Daniel Sullivan. He has been an invaluable help to me for nearly a year now since the earliest days of the planning and organization of this site took place.

    A poster showing "biotech in agriculture and its socio-economic effects" is something, it seems to me, that you need to get the help for from the world of professional advertising and poster-design people if, of course, you can afford it.

    Advertising is often expensive, but the payoff is so much more than anything I could come up with. Advertising has become an art form if not somewhat of a science.

    I thank you, though, for asking for my input. I am encouraged that you would even ask an amateur like myself. I have been utilizing posters myself for various causes for the last 50 years and so have some affinity with your interests and your use of posters.

    I wish you well in finding the kind of poster that will produce the effects you want. I remember the famous actress, Barabara Streisand, saying many years ago that: "a good poster is one you can see in a train while travelling at 60 miles an hour."

  7. People who post comments and find, after I respond to their comment, that they would like to write again and again, should feel free to do so. Often, as is the case with the issue of world peace and trying to find an end to poverty, as illustrated in one or two of the above posts, answers require an extended dialogue.

    Most of the extended dialogue I have on the internet is at a myriad internet sites and readers are welcome to go to these sites if they are interested in reading some of my dialogue with others. I leave it to readers here to post or not post, as often or as infrequently as they desire. I will try and get back to them--usually within 24 hours.

  8. thanks Ron for the quote, im always looking for good ones...thing is I am the one making the poster and i was wondering if you could brain storm some ideas with me and very insightful people who come any thing would be much appreciated...:)

  9. I\'ll leave it to others if they want to add their ideas here, sandy. For now I will suggest simple symbols to give viewers of the poster an idea right away that the content is, as you suggest, biotech in agriculture and its socio-economic effects. Added to this a simple caption. KISS>keep it simple stupid, as we used to say in the teaching profession.

    This is just a start.-Ron

  10. Hello Ron,

    Impressive website. I am a member of the Bahai Faith, who happens to serve by doing a weekly talk show called Kore Issues, every Saturday from 5-6pm. You can find out more about my from my website or by just googling my name. I have done this show for the past decade.

    My topic this weekend is The Bahai Culture Part One: Different Walks: Same Destination.

    While doing some additional research, your name kept coming up for some reason. :)

    I would like to see if you are available to be my guest on this show tomorrow, 8/20/11 or perhaps team up with me to do a series on this topic. My audience is about 3,000 listeners each week.

    Thanks for your consideration.

    In His Service,

    Tyree Byndom


  11. Mary Bridget Keating

    To Sandy. If you email or and expert graphic artist whom I met in Bahrain originally from Goa will surely answer your need. I have seen her work and it is stunning. I\'m sure she could help you. I emailed her to check the addresses given here. If they are changed I can get an up-to-date email address for you.

  12. There you go, Sandy. It can\'t get better than that. I\'ll leave this with you and let me know how things turn out. And thanks, too, to you, Mary Bridget.-Ron

  13. Thanks, Tyree, for your encouraging words about my site. I would be only too happy to do a weekly talk show with you on some Saturday from 5 to 6 pm or a series of programs. I\'ll check-out your website or just google your name.

    The topic of the new Baha\'i culture, or paradigm, is one I have given a good deal of attention to, and you can go to my 400++ page book at Baha\'i Library Online. The link is:

    This will give you a head-start on some of my thoughts on this topic. Obviously it is going to be too late for me to be your guest on your show this week, that is: 8/20/11. But I would be happy, as I say, to team up with you to do a series on this topic, say, beginning on 27/8/\'11. Can you tape an interview? That would be best for me; then I can chose a convenient time here in Australia to match your time in Chicago.

    Thank you, again for your warm response to my site and I look forward to hearing from you in the days ahead in this comment section at my site, at your website or by email.-Ron Price, Tasmania, Australia

  14. This new website has been online for 5 months(21/3/11-21/8/11) today. I have had many comments thusfar, but the system for posting the comments in this section and having my replies recorded, in other words the ongoing conversation with those who post comments, has only been worked out in the last week or so by my web-design people, Define Studio in NSW Australia.

    Given the extent of the comments that have come in during these last few days, I will not be able to keep all of them. I will eventually have to delete comments if they keep coming in at this rate. This process of making ongoing alterations to my site by its designers is sometimes called fine-tuning this website\'s functionality.

    My website design company in Australia, Define Studio, offered me a marketing program for my site which included what they called a \'maximization of search engine optimization\'--but it was too costly.

    I market my own site by what some in the website business call a personal organic process whereby I try to increase my network of readers by my own individual initiative in cyberspace. I spend little time at this activity since I am a writer who spends most of my time writing and much less time marketing what I write. Such is one of the downsides of not leaving the marketing of my work to publishers. There is also a life off the internet whick limits time spent here.

    Some website designers call this comment section a coffee lounge or interaction reading room. They see it as part of my content management system or site content structure and they refer to me as the administrator and/or moderator.

  15. Mary Bridget Keating

    To Sandy: I checked Sanitra\'s email address/s and they are correct. She got back to me straight away. I invited her to see this site herself as well. Hope you can get what you need.

  16. It sounds, Sandy, like you are on your way to "poster success."-Ron

  17. Mary Bridget Keating

    Comment on Bob Pippin\'s note about the immorality of extreme poverty. Images of starvation arrive in our living rooms daily via modern communications. I think that collectively we agree on this as totally unacceptable to the modern man\'s conscience. The next step is a groundswell of action locally and internationally to mobilse the collective conscience and introduce legislation to outlaw extremes of wealth and poverty. Doing away with dictators who rip off the national purse is a good start and that is underway right now.

  18. A 2008 statement from the Baha\'i International Community(BIC) called for a coherent, principle-based approach to the eradication of global poverty. BIC representatives introduced the statement, "Eradicating Poverty: Moving Forward as One," at a luncheon held at their offices across from the United Nations. Go to this link to read the statement:

  19. Mary B Keating

    A really lovely website, Ron. All the hard work you have put into it is so evident. When I go into the website I can\'t locate the Comments - I have to go back to my emails and use the link. I\'m sure it is my lack of web skills but can you help me out in this?

  20. I\'m sure others have had the same problem, Mary. Most of the pages, but not all, have a little red button/box to press----usually down toward the bottom of the page. The button has the words "Leave a Comment" on it. If you can\'t find the button on one page go to another page.


  21. Mary Bridget Keating

    Ron, in your poem about Rakmaninov, are the apostrophes on certainty\'s and doubt\'s imply meaning that I\'ve missed?

  22. Anyone who takes a serious interest in my apostrophes deserves a serious answer, Mary. After teaching English for more than 3 decades, I\'d just about given-up worrying about the apostrophes in the essays and writing of my students.

    In these years of my retirement with no students in my classrooms, and no classrooms, I am pleased to see that there are still some people out there in cyberspace, in any space, who express at least an interest in the subject. "Goodonyer," as they say Downunder, Mary.
    Below is the stanza in the prose-poem which those apostrophes occur:
    I, like you, knew depression
    transformed, re-used themes
    again and again & juxtaposed
    certainty’s and doubt’s—life’s
    contrasting inner-private dynamics.
    I am referring in this stanza to the inner-private dynamics of life, that is, to "life\'s" inner-private dynamics. I am also referrring to "certainty\'s"(singular) and "doubt\'s"(singular) inner-private dynamics.
    Since one could argue that there are certainties and doubts(both plural) in life, one could put the apostrophe in a different place and have plurals for those two words.
    "Whatever," as they say these days, "Mary." Anyone who reads my poetry, my prose-poetry, as closely as you appear to do, deserves my deep appreciation for your interest in my writing. If you ever come back to Australia from your current home in England, the Cayman Islands, or wherever you now make your home, I look forward to seeing you, all being well.-Ron

  23. As this 4th edition of my website approaches its six month point, 21/3/\'11 to 21/9/\'11, it is obvious that the site will not need a monthly archive section in this Comment part of my site.

    Those who want to comment on some aspect of this site will do so, if they so desire and, if not, that is fine. I leave the issue of reader comment, of course, to readers who come to this site as the spring/autumnal equinox of 2011 approaches this week.

  24. Dimtiri Tishler

              My name is Dimitri Tishler. I am a composer and writer currently living in Melbourne Australia.
    I have recently created a new website and blog which explores different aspects of art and spirituality. Please
    peruse the new site at your convenience.

    You will find music, writing and posts on different aspects of writing, art and spirituality:

    My blog is here:

    Here you will find a few articles on God and spirituality:

    Thank you for your time

    Kind regards Dimitri

  25. Thanks for your interest in my site, Dimitri. I will visit your new website and blog and in all probability make a comment or two. I wish you well in your life as a composer and writer in Melbourne Australia.

  26. Hi Ron,
             Thanks again for commenting on my site. I enjoyed your general introduction to religion. What I find most interesting is the connection you make between the manifestation revealing himself and the progress of the arts, in this case you mention Rachmaninoff. I think the whole of the modern art movement in several disciplines has their origins in religious revelation.

    Regards Dimitri

  27. Thanks, Dimitri. for your comment in this section of my site. Yes, the whole of the modern art movement in its several disciplines has its origins in religious revelation, although the world at this stage in its historical development is quite oblivious to this fact.

  28. Mary B Keating

    Hi Ron. Thanks for the serious answer to my question about your apostrophes. I don\'t know why I did miss it but, yes, I get your point. Yes, and I am an English teacher too. I do find your writing very interesting and it does require reflection. Still in Y-UK but the new date for moving is only a few weeks away. I hope to write to this website from the other George Town.

  29. This Iis my first reading of this part of your impressive web site. I have seen Iain Stewart on our TVOntario (public TV). I must try to watch the entire series and then let you know how his series affects my views of mankind and the our earth\'s physical development. I entered the Bruce Trail Conservancy web site, as it should give you a good idea of how my volunteer work with the "BTC" has had considerable influence on my views on our natural environment-- think globally but act locally/regionally.

  30. Thanks for dropping off your comment, Dave. For some reason I lost your last comment on Linkedin. I tried to reply but could not locate you among the long list of Dave Knox\'s at that site.

    You have been doing your share of running and keeping in shape over the years. I enjoyed reading about that. My sports life came to an end in Burlington in August 1962 playing baseball. I won\'t give you chapter & verse of my attempts to stay fit, but I am not in your league of running, and in all-likelihood, fitness.

    As far as Ken Pizer is concerned, he, too, got lost among the dozens of Ken Pizers in cyberspace. I wish you luck in contacting him and, if you are successful, let me know. The "Classmates" website I found helpful contacting many people on the periphery of my school life from 1949 to 1967, people in the same class but with whom I had little contact at the time.

  31. Thanks, Mary, for your response about apostrophes. I\'m pleased someone takes an interest in the subject. I\'m pleased, too, that you find my writing "very interesting." I\'m sure it\'s all too many words for most who come upon my site, part of the word and image-glut everyone has to deal with in their own ways.

    I write alot of what I call prose-poetry. It is a genre that has evolved: (a) because most people don\'t read the poetry part and (b) I find I can say alot more in a short space.

    Trust your move to the Cayman Islands in November goes smoothly, and I look forward to hearing from you, from that other George Town.

  32. As this website approaches the end of the 8th month of its existence(21/3/11 to 21/11/11) in cyberspace, I have not had to deal with in-coming comments to a significant degree.

    I have still not done much marketing of my site in recent weeks/months due to my writing commitments, my posting at other websites, my editing of this site and, of course, a life off the internet---in real space.

    I am still working out a system for hosting this site since my present contract for hosting it, and thus keeping its contents on the world-wide-web, comes up for renewal in 4 months, on 21 March 2012.

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  35. Dear Ron,
    My book, He Is The Word, was published in 2006, I invite you look up my website on poetry and prose that answers biblical questions in simplistic terms. All my poems and writings are based on the Bible, and quoted with footnote of Scripture. From your study on religion I am not able to determine what your faith is. In my book, I start out by saying that everyone has a story to tell, and my compelling testimony of the trials and tribulations this world have brought me to know God on a personal level. Be blessed.

  36. Thanks, Estelle. I\'ll have a look at your website. I am a Baha\'i and have been associated with this religion, a religion which claims to be the newest of the Abrhamic religions, for nearly 60 years. I will try and get back to you after looking at your website. I wish you well from her ein Tasmania.-Ron

  37. Would that be an evolutionary proposition,
    The Truth About The Creation Or The Big Bang Theory Commonly Explained.
    E=MC2 is with an error here below is new one,
    e < γc∞.

    ‘e is a perfect half, rest of it is an illusion’, look at it he said,

    ‘all it is illusion’.

    ‘There are still some who believe that the speed of light may be the only constant in the whole universe, everything else changes. If everything changes so the speed of light does. Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Everything is a light/photon in the infinite speed of light’.

    Taken from Sequel Box, Sequel 1 at:

  38. Thanking you, marekmzielinski, for taking the time to point this out to me; I\'ll check out that website you mention today---as the winter and summer solstice approaches in the next four days.-Ron

  39. The worlds savenaturefree kiosk\'s could be designed to resemble miniature baha\'i structures.

    You said...
     "The world is like a tempest and millions, nay billions, of people are now in financial need. With the internet, the world-wide-web, one\'s access to humanity\'s billions and their access to you, has become much easier than it once was, than it was until this 3rd millennium. That is why I have written what some may see as a somewhat wordy and far too lengthy, far too extensive, and considered a response. Those in need are now in the billions and my task here is to simply state, to articulate, my position in relation to this vast sea of humanity which is in desperate need."
    The BOP (bottom of pyramid) market is said to be in the order of 4 Billion these are the poorest on the planet.
    What to do?
    I have done it.
    every town, every suburb which establishes a save nature kiosk will make a reasonable dent in that 4 Billion. 22 shares at each kiosk means the economic prosperity of the area is lifted. As you should know the kiosk hold adds for local business that offer sustainable good and services. The revenue generated is shared with the local members.
    small is beautiful. Local have an opportunity to expand with cheap local advertising and local people have more spending power. These kiosk will also be able to address other issues in the community such as mental health, youth suicide, crime, education, etc etc people power.

    The groups 12 traditions...

    helps to keep powerful corporate interests at bay.

  40. Thank you for your comment today: ....I\'ll go to the link you have mentioned and respond there. I wish you well in all your work for the planet in the years ahead.-Ron Price, Tasmania

  41. After read a couple of the articles on your website these few days, and I truly like your style of blogging. I tag it to my favorites internet site list and will be checking back soon. Please check out my web site also and let me know what you think. <a href="";>Alli Reviews</a>

  42. I have checked out your web site at:
    <a href="";;>Alli Reviews</a> and find its layout and content user-friendly.-Ron

  43. Maggie Danhakl

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  44. Hey Ron, this was an incredible read on the in depth beginnings of nanotech to where it is today, I would be like for you to take a look on my website showing the different categories of nanoimprint

  45. Thanks, Rashaan; I will take a look on your website showing the different categories of nanoimprint

  46. After 2 years and five months of comments, as we head into 2014, it has become more than a little obvious to me that most people who want to send me comments do so by other means than posting in this comment section of my website. Still, I will keep it open and try to reply to whomever writes A.S.A.P.-Ron

  47. Thanks for these excellent insights at your site, Ron! I\'ve sent them to a Baha\'i pioneer in China, who lives with Bipolar; and will share them on my lists and in an upcoming newsletter.

    It may be helpful to your readers to know that I\'ve written ebooks on both Anxiety and Depression, based on quotes from the Baha\'i Writings, which are available free to download at:

  48. Thanks, Susan, for the following comment: "Thanks for these excellent insights at your site, Ron! I\'ve sent them to a Baha\'i pioneer in China, who lives with Bipolar; and will share them on my lists and in an upcoming newsletter. It may be helpful to your readers to know that I\'ve written ebooks on both Anxiety and Depression, based on quotes from the Baha\'i Writings, which are available free to download at:
    I will have a look at your books since I have enjoyed all your writings thusfar.-Ron

  49. I have approved the above comment, but it has not been registered as such. I hope to be able to remedy that problem.

  50. There, the approval problem has been sorted. After more than 3 years on this 4th edition of my website, and as we head through the 3rd month of 2014, it has become more than a little obvious to me that most people who want to send me comments do so by other means than posting in this comment section of my website.

    Still, I will keep it open and will continue to reply to whoever posts comments, A.S.A.P.-Ron Price, Tasmania, Australia

  51. Hello from your friends at Saddoboxing Ron!

  52. Greetings to all my Saddoboxing friends, and what a pleasant surprise to find you here at my website.-Ron

  53. Adeleke Dare Abdul-Ganiyy

    Hi, I am from Nigeria. For the past few days, I have been exploring your website and it has really inspired a lots. You know what? I am a kind of introvert, I have a ear problem,( isn\'t that I can\'t hear what someone is saying but i have to listening like 200 percent before I could hear and sometime lead to misinterpretation of the speaker), this hearing problem has also hinder my speaking because some alphabet sound differently in my ears. All these have lead to anxiety (crowd phobia and bad speaking habit likewise deeper voice. I want to change all these problems for better which make me to consult practitioner on them but have been in vain. I am a pen-ultimate studying Economics in one of the university here in Nigeria. All these psychological problems are really bothering me a lot nowadays because am moving to the final year as an undergraduate and am afraid these mine hinder my success. I have no mentor which I have been looking for all over but Yet I haven\'t gotten anyone. I am a poor reader which I want to improve on but novel is really hard for me get. I hope you understand all these and hope you help me on them. Thanks.

  54. I am pleased to hear from you, dear lady in Nigeria. I don\'t think I can even begin to try to sort out your troubles in consultation in these little boxes. Write to me at my email address: ...and we can have a more extended discussion.-Ron Price, Australia

  55. I am utterly fascinated by history. I have long argued that it is misnamed and should be called "our story", an unbroken narrative beginning in time immemorial and continuing within each and every one of us.

    I am, however, dismayed by your website. I am loathe to read it for three reasons.

    First, as a practical note, the typography makes it difficult to read and, as a former graphic designer and creative director, I can state with some authority that that which is hard to read is unlikely to be read. Large blocks of text must be set using a serif font.

    Secondly, I doubt I could persevere long enough (maybe could not survive long enough to read such a quantity of text). It needs to be broken into bite-sized chunks and organized more effectively.

    Thirdly, history is a story and should be taught through storytelling. Despite my interest in history, I find myself quickly nodding off as I scroll through your epistles.

    I hope that you will accept my comments as constructive criticism rather than critical sharp shooting. Also, I suspect that I will be drawn back to your website from time to time to see how much I can wade through.

  56. Thank you, Jack, for your constructive criticism. Sadly, I must agree with all your comments. If I had the money I would have given my website to another graphic design company to make the whole thing more user-friendly.

    I have been aware of all the points you raise especially "the bite-sized chunks" and "overall organization".

    One day, as I go into old-age in the years ahead, I hope to be able to get some web-design company to provide the service you suggest. I have had many offers in the last decade. In the meantime I can only try to apply your useful advice to my own work in the short term.

    Much appreciated, jack.-Ron Price, Australia

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